"THIS?" or "THAT?"

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"THIS?" or "THAT?"

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:02 pm

As the name indicates: The game is about choosing between "THIS?" or "THAT?"!

I am hoping that this game will allow you to have more fun !



*PLEASE only two (2) choices are allowed in each "THIS?" or "THAT?" question

*Your reply can ONLY answer the previous question, immediately above your post.

*Your reply MUST answer with one or the other choice on the FIRST line of the posted reply.

*The LAST line of ALL posts must ALWAYS end with a "THIS?" or "THAT?" question.

I will start off the game by asking the first "THIS?" or "THAT?" question:
blood I or blood II?

if you can see the future..... you can save it.....
you cannot change your fate... no man can...


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